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Frequent Satellite TV & Satellite Internet Questions Asked

Questions? No problem.

Here at AEI we get all sorts of questions, so we compiled a short list of them. We refer to these as our most frequently asked qustions. If you can’t find what your looking for DISH is just a phone call away. Call them at 1-800-333-DISH (3474).

Q: Who should I call if I have a question or problem with my DISH Network system?

A: You can contact DISH directly at 1-800-333-DISH (3474). If you have questions in the future about programming changes, such as adding or removing channels, Pay-Per-View, or billing questions, please contact DISH Network directly at: 1-800-333-3474.
Q: Will the satellite dish need to be mounted in a specific location?

A: The satellite dish will need to be mounted at a location with a clear view of the South-to-Southwest sky. Consult your technician if you have any questions or concerns about satellite dish placement.
Q: Does my receiver need to be connected to a telephone line?

A: All two-room dual receivers need to be connected to an active telephone line in order to waive the fee for the second room. Single room receivers are not required to have a phone line connected. If you would like to pay your bill, order pay-per-view, or enable caller ID from your TV you will need to have an active phone line connected.

Q: Do I ever have to turn my satellite receiver off?

A: It’s a good idea to turn your satellite receiver off at night, as important information is downloaded to your receiver during the night, and the receiver must be in Standby mode to receive this information. However, there are no problems with leaving your satellite receiver on overnight from time to time.

Q: With DISH Network installed, can I still receive my local channels from my outside antenna?

A: Yes, you will be able to connect your outside antenna (also known as an “Off-Air antenna”) to receive your local channels. Be sure to speak with your technician prior to installation to discuss these options.

Q: How does weather affect satellite TV reception?

A: Severe storms or very heavy rain to the South-to-Southwest of your location may interrupt satellite reception until the storm clears or moves. Cloudiness or average rain should not interrupt your service.

Q: I have a dual DVR receiver; can I watch one program and record a different one?

A: Yes, you can record at one TV location while you watch a different program at your present location. Currently, you cannot watch one program on TV 1, a different program on TV 2, and record a different third program. Any recorded program can be viewed from either TV location.

Q: Can I move my TV and satellite receiver to another room that has a cable outlet?

A: If the outlet was not connected to a receiver and TV when the DISH Network system was installed, it is most likely not connected to the satellite dish. The additional cable outlet may be added to the system, service call fees may apply. Contact your DISH Network satellite installer for more information.

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