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Green Initiative

We believe in saving the planet for future generations!

Alternate Entertainment, Inc. is going green! We care about our planet and its inhabitants and wish to do our part to maintain the resources required to sustain life for future generations.

Your AEI technician will remove your old receiver, and see to it that it goes to the proper recycling facility so its parts may be re-made or re-used. Thank you for helping us to do our part to save the planet!

Why we recycle–

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the world population is expanding at a mind-boggling rate and will swell to more than 9 billion by 2050. The world has a fixed amount of natural resources – some of which are already depleted. So as population growth greatly strains our finite resources, there are fewer resources available. If we intend to leave our children and grandchildren with the same standard of living we have enjoyed, we must preserve the foundation of that standard of living.

Some of the greatest threats to future resources come from things we throw away everyday. Household batteries and electronics often contain dangerous chemicals that may, if sent to a local landfill, leak through the bottom barrier and pollute the groundwater. This can contaminate everything from the soil in which our food grows, to the water which will eventually come out of aquifers and into our tap water. Many of these chemicals cannot be removed from the drinking water supply, or from the crops that are harvested from contaminated fields.

Throwing away items that could be recycled diminishes energy, water and natural resources that could be saved. That’s why AEI promotes recycling.